8.30 am to 11.30 am
4.30 pm to 8.30 pm
8.30 am to 8.30 pm


03 Sankarahara Chaturthi
06 Saundarya Lahari Chanting
13 Pradosham
13 Durga Puja
14 Chittirai Masam begins
14 Venkateshwara Swamy Pooja
14 Tamil New year's Day
15 Vishu
16 Vishaka Masa begins
20 Shankara Jayanti
20 Shasti Bhajans
21 Hanuman Chalisa Chanting
27 Pradosham
27 Sri Sathyanarayana Puja
27 Narasimha Jayanti
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Your Support is Valuable

Sringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation has grown immensely in the community as one of notable organizations to promote religous, spiritual, social and cultural values amont the South Asian community. To run an organization as big as SVBF the support of the community is very important.

There are many ways one can get involved with the activities and development of the organization. Several volunteer opportunities are available for people of all ages at the temple and the community centre during important cultural events.


Volunteering gives one a great feeling to get involved with the community and make a difference wherever possible. Volunteer experience often puts in a different environemnt and expose you to people and situations that you may not have expereinced.

We are always looking for volunteers to work with us at the Temple during our fortnightly temple cleaning, assisiting with the administration, assisting devotees during important events and like. Volunteers are needed for help in the kitchen, assiting with ticket sales, ushering, stage set up and decoration, audio and video and helping the visiting artists in their transport needs etc., If you are interested in volunteering with SVBF, kindly register your name and contact details with Ganesan Sreeram at 905-799-6257 or email him


While manpower is very essential in running a big organization, financial support is equally important. There are many ways you can help us finacially.

Cash Donations
Cash Donations received from devotees are made use of at the temple for various purchases and daily maintenance of the temple. Devotees can make donations using their Paypal account or Credit Card by clicking on the below button


Plant a Tree
You can also contribute towards the beautification project by planting a tree around the temple property and parking lot area in memory of someone you love. Name of the sponsor and the name of the person in whose memory the tree is planted will be displayed under the tree. You can sponsor a tree for $250.00 and be part of the beautification project.

Inscribe your Loved one's name
You can get involved with the ongoing temple development projects with a donation of $501.00 and have your child's name or anyone you love on the walls of the Adi Sankara Museum. The names will remain permanent and will be a lasting memory.

"Mushti Anna Seva"
Following the Sringeri tradition, there is a simple and and inexpensive way of making donation for Annadanam. Devotees can keep aside one handful (Mushti) of rice every day in their house and keep adding one handful every day. The rice set aside everyday can be donated to the Temple once every month or any convenient intervals. The rice so collected will be used in the Temple kitchen to feed the devotees at important events / special days.

Devotees can donate sarees for Sharadamba or vastram for other deities which will be changed every Friday of the week. Devotees can also specify the date they would like to see Devi wearing the saree/vastram they donated. Devotees can request to take back the only the saree for a small donation which will be informed by the office staff. For administrative and record keeping purposes, every saree/vastram donation should be handed over to the office staff and NOT to the priest directly.For more information please email info@svbfcanada.com

Sharadamba Seva - CLICK FOR DETAILS

Groceries and Pooja Items
Devotees can also donate grocery items to the Kitchen which will used in the making of prasadam and other food items. Non perishable items like Rice, Dhal, ghee, lentils (non-oily) nuts, spices etc are accepted.
Also devotees can donate flowers, kumkum, milk, ghee, yoghurt, honey, agarbathis etc., which will be used in our daily poojas.

Cheques for all donations should be drawn in the name of "SRINGERI VIDYA BHARATI FOUNDATION"



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