8.30 am to 11.30 am
4.30 pm to 8.30 pm
8.30 am to 8.30 pm


05 Pradosham
08 Ashada Masa begins
14 Shasti Bhajans
16 Dakshinayana Prarambham
16 Karkataka Sankramanam
16 Aadi Masam begins
18 Toli Ekadasi / Hari Sayana Ekadasi
19 Nirjala Ekadasi
20 Sani Pradosham
20 Hanuman Chalisa
21 Sathyanarayana Pooja
22 Vyasa Poornima
25 Sankatahara Chaturthi
31 Aadi Kruthika

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Alankarams to Devi Sharadamba during Navaratri

Navratri literally means 'Nine Nights'. These days are astrologically very powerful for Spiritual upliftment.

During these days and nights, prayers are offered to Mother, who is the Manifestation of the Absolute Energy that pervades the Universe.

SVBF Canada also celebrated Navaratri in a very grand manner with Devi Sharadamba being decorated in ten forms and special poojas, homas and abhishekams hed during this period.

A Mahabhisheka to Sharadamba was performed on the day-before-Navaratri (i.e. on No-moon-day of the month of Bhaadrapada). Devi was decorated with Jagatprasutika Alankaara on that day followed by nine different alankaras on the nine nights of Navaratri.

Pictures of the alankarams for Devi Sharadamba taken during the 10 day event are published below for our devotees viewing pleasure. Thanks to Sharada Bhat, Param Bhat and Jayanthi Raman for the puctures. Devotees are encouraged to send and share their pictures taken during the Navaratri for the benefit of our visitors.

  • Jagatprasuthika
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For pictures of other Navaratri events click here


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