8.30 am to 11.30 am
4.30 pm to 8.30 pm
8.30 am to 8.30 pm


01 Ekadasi
01 Saundarya Lahari Chanting
03 Pradosham
04 Sathyanarayana Puja
06 Mahalaya Paksha begins
08Durga Puja
09 Venkateshwara Swamy Pooja
09 Sankarahara Chaturthi
16 Hanuman Chalisa
17 Pradosham
19 Mahalaya Amavasya
19 Sharadamba Abhishekam
22 Aswayuja Masam begins
22 Shasti Bhajans
27 Saraswati Puja
28 Durgashtami
29 Maha Navami
30 Vijaydashami
30 Venkateshwara Jayanti
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Hanuman Chalisa
Every Third Saturday of the Month

Hanuman Chalisa is a very powerful and divine poetry of forty verses on Hanuman, composed by Sant Sri Tulasidas in the sixteenth century in Awadhi language. His love, faith and total surrender to Sri Hanuman reflects in every verse. Sant Sri Tulasidas has envisioned and glorified Hanuman with over flowing reverence and devotion in this Hanuman Chalisa. It has been the most acclaimed chanting hymns among the devoteees. Each verse is called a chaupai (means 4 legs) and each chaupai of the Chalisa has two lines each which always rhyme.


Shri Hanuman is understood as great jnani, yogi and a brahmachari (bachelor). He has been blessed as chiranjivi, one who lives eternally. The blessings of Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, Surya, Indra, and Vayu made Shri Hanuman invincible. He is the great lover of music and also mastered the Sanskrit language. Being the Yogacharya, Shri Hanuman is considered as an embodiment of the four yogas. His strength, valour, prowess, will power, memory, balanced emotions, sharp intellect, fearlessness, and noble actions were perfectly refined and grounded in.


Hanuman Chalisa has been found to be highly effective in controlling the evil effects of Saturn transit or Saturn's major / minor periods.





At SVBF devotees have been chanting the chalisa every third Saturday of the month since Maha Kumababishekam and has been one of the most popular chanting sessions with the number of devotees and the number of sponsors increasing at every session. The chantings are always sponsored by devotees who either sponsor / co sponsor with a nominal donation of $101.00. Devotees also offer Vada Mala to Lord Hanuman at a cost of $51.00 for the garland with 108 Vadas.


Sponsoring Hanuman Chalisa: $101.00 includes


Sankalpa and Archana to Lord Hanuman in the name of the Sponsor and their family.

Food supplies for Maha Prasadam (Lunch) for all devotees

Supplies of Paper plates, napkins, spoons

Sponsor receives one Vada Mala of 11 Vadas as Prasadam.


Vada Mala Offering for $51.00 includes

Sankalpa and Archana to Lord Hanuman in the name of the Devotee and their family.

Sponsor receives Five Vadas as Prasadam.


Vada Mala of 108 Vadas will be offered to the Lord, which will be distributed to all devotees.


Devotees can also make online payment using Paypal or Credit Card. Click on the appropriate button.

Hanuman Chalisa Sponsorship ($101 + $5.00 shipping prasadam)

Vada Mala Sponsorship ($51 + $5.00 shipping prasadam) 

Hanuman Chalisa Sponsorship + Vada Mala ($152 + $5.00 shipping prasadam) 


Cheques for all donations should be drawn in the name of "SRINGERI VIDYA BHARATI FOUNDATION"


MAHA PRASADAM MENU WILL BE DECIDED BY THE SVBF FOOD COMMITTEE.  Sponsors and other devotees are welcome to bring hygienically prepared home cooked vegetarian food without using onion or garlic for serving to the devotees. We would highly appreciate if devotees / Sponsors can inform us the item that they wish to bring at least 3 days in advance.


For more details about Sponsorship / Registering kindly contact the following

Chandrika Ravishankar - 905-997-0543
Ganesan Sreeram - 905-799-6257
Thiagarajan - 905-956-4782

Email : info@svbfcanada.com


The Schedule of Hanuman Chalisa Chanting for the year 2017 are as follows (Chanting starts at 10.00 am on all scheduled days:


21 JANUARY 2017
18 FEBRUARY 2017
18 March 2017
15 April 2017
20 May 2017
17 June 2017


15 July 2017
19 August 2017
16 September 2017
21 October 2017
18 November 2017
16 December 2017



Changes, if any will be notified through our periodical newsletters.





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