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Maha Rudram 2018

August 11 - 12 , 2018 @ SVBF Toronto Canada

Saturday August 11, 2018
Sunday August 12, 2018
The term 'Rudra' refers to the fierce form of Lord Shiva. Rudra Yagna is performed to worship Shiva, and is the most sacred and powerful among all the Maha Yagna. The Rudra consists of Deiva Yagna (worship of Shiva and Other deities), and Manushya yagna (performed with many devotees seeking the grace of the God.)
It is performed to wash away all the sins and afflictions,to maintain peace, prosperity and happiness, and family togetherness.

General Information on Maha Rudram

The Shri Rudra is the ancient type of a listing of various names of Lord Shiva. It is considered to be of great benefit to mankind. Various attributes of Lord Shiva are invoked by chanting of Shri Rudra. Sri Rudram is an ancient Vedic hymn and it beholds the Panchakshara Manthra viz., Namashivaya in its core. Through the chanting of Rudra, Lord Shiva’s various aspects and attributes are invoked and worshipped.

Program Schedule

The Ritwik registrants are required to check in at 7.00 am on August 11. After Guru Vandanam and Ganapathi Pooja the Rudra parayanam will begin at 10.00 am For more details kindly click below.

Ritwik Registration

Ritwiks have the great responsibility of praying to Lord Siva for the benefit of the community. As such they need to be pure and disciplined to recite Sri Rudram so that their chanting of mantram can be fully effective for the welfare of our society. We request the Ritwiks to register below to participate in the Toronto Maha Rudra Yagnam - 2018..

Volunteer Registration

We are in need of many volunteers for this major event. Interested volunteers may please register by clicking on the Register button


Devotees and Supporters of SVBF can participate in the event by availing several sponsorship opportunities at the event ine


A special pooja to Devi Sharadambha for all devotees to participate. Click below for registration