Maha Rudra Yagnam 2018
Information on the Yagnam

The term 'Rudra' refers to the fierce form of Lord Shiva. Rudra Yagna is performed to worship Shiva, and is the most sacred and powerful among all the Maha Yagna. The Rudra consists of Deiva Yagna (worship of Shiva and Other deities), and Manushya yagna (performed with many devotees seeking the grace of the God.

It is performed to wash away all the sins and afflictions,to maintain peace, prosperity and happiness, and family togetherness.

It is believed that after the demon,Bhasmasura was killed, Lord Shiva performed the Tandav Nritya(dance) and the "Rudra Yagna", for the betterment of Human.

The Shri Rudra is the ancient type of a listing of various names of Lord Shiva. It is considered to be of great benefit to human. Various attributes of Lord Shiva are invoked by chanting of Shri Rudra. Sri Rudram chant is an ancient Vedic hymn and it beholds the Panchakshara Manthra viz., Namashivaya in its core. Through the chanting of Rudra, Lord Shiva’s various aspects and attributes are invoked and worshipped.

Maha Rudram is one of the highest form of worship for Lord Shiva. Sri Rudram hymn is an invocation to Lord Shiva consisting of two parts, namely: Namakam and Chamakam. Namakam sings the glory of Lord Shiva and Chamakam requests the Lord to grant materialistic and spiritual grace to elevate the devotee and remove suffering from the whole universe. In Maharudram Sri Rudram is chanted a total of 1331 times by learned Ritwicks during the 3 days.

The first part, chapter 16 of Yajurveda is known as ‘Namakam’ because of the repeated use of the word ‘Namo’ in it. The second part, chapter 18 of the Yajurveda is known as ‘Chamakam’ because of the repeated use of ‘Chame’. Repeated chanting of Rudram in a set pattern multiplies the benefits in many folds for the individual as well as the entire community. Sri Rudram, if chanted for 11 times is known as Rudra Ekadasi. 11 Rudra Ekadasi makes one Lagu Rudram. 11 Lagu Rudrams or 121 Rudra Ekadasi is Maharudram (1331 times). Before the start of the Maharudram Lord Shiva and other Devathas are first invoked in the Kalasas with appropriate Manthras. Mahanyasam is then chanted to invoke Lord Shiva within ourselves. Thereafter Rudram is chanted and towards the final stages of chanting Rudra Homam is performed. It is very rare that a Yagna of this significance and magnitude can be witnessed. Equally rare is the opportunity for the people to actually participate in the worship.

Guiding Patron: Dharmatma Y.S. Yejnasubramanian – Chairman Emeritus, SVBF

Religious Coordinator: Sri Natesan Mayurnathan

Officiating priests: Vidwan Ramakrishna Bhat & Pt. Manjunatha Sidhanti

A large number of distinguished Priests & Ritwicks from all over North America will also take part.


SVBF Canada Trustees:
Dr. Y.S. Yejnasubramanian (Chairman emeritus),
Dr. V.I. Lakshmanan (Chairman),
Padmashree V.R. Gowrishankar (Sringeri),
Chand Kapoor (President)
S. Thiagarajan, (Secretary)
Dr. Param Bhat (Vice President

This invitation is extended on behalf of the Trustees and SVBF Canada Volunteers. Event is FREE for all. All donation would be accepted.

Contact: e-mail:

Param Bhat (416-737-1270), Thiagarajan ( 905-956-4782), Ravi( 905-997-0543)
Sreeram (905-799-6257), Mayuranathan (416 702 -0225)




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