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Vilakku Pooja / Dhanalakshmi Pooja
during Deepavali

One of the important form of worship is prayer to a lamp, to the flame or Jyothi, instead of a Vigraha or a picture, worshipping it as a form of the Deity of their choice [Ishta Devatha]. The lamp has its own special place in Sanatan Vaidik Hindu Dharma. It is a form and a symbol of Tej (Absolute fire principle); the lamp leads us from darkness towards light. It burns only to give message of peace and light to the man. This is its greatness.

As in the previous years during Deepavali, devotees performed the Vilakku Pooja or Dhanalakshmi Pooja at SVBF on 13 November 2012. Prictures taken during the event is reproduced herebelow. Picture courtesy : Sri. Kishore Nath


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