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Shankara Jayanthi
April 26, 2012 and April 28, 2012

Shankara Jayanthi was celebrated in a very grand way with the events stretching to two days on April 26, 2012 and April 28, 2012.

The Birth anniversary of JAGADGURU SHRI ADHI SHANKARACHARYA, the avatar who is responsible for expounding ritually, philosophically and spiritually all the nectars of available literature of Sanathana Dharma is celebrated as SHANKARA JAYANTHI

At SVBF we celebrated the Jagadguru's birth anniversary on April 26 at 6.30 pm with the chanting of Lalitha Sahasarnamam, Taitreeya Upanishad and Pooja to the Guru. Sri. Raghu Ranganathan enlightened the devotees with a remarkable commentary and meanings of Adi Shankaracharya's Taitreeya Upanishad in clear simple terms. The day was very well attended and blessed listening to the chanting and understanding the purpose and benefits of chnating the Taitreeya Upanishad.

The Shankara Jayanthi celebrations continued on Saturday 28th April with the performance of Avanti Homam, Abhisekam and Archana to the Jagadguru and talk by Dr. Alakananda on the meaning of Shankaracharya's SHARADA BHUJANGA STOTRAM.

Pictures taken during the April 28 event are reproduced herebelow. SVBF thanks Sri. Prasad Bettadapura of Prasad Photo Labs (416-817-9263) for covering the day's events and providing the pictures for the devotees to view.



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